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Tacpro Recruitment Services

Building long term relationships with both candidates and companies, Tacpro recruitment is known for looking after it’s people.


We service the coal mining, sugar, and infrastructure industries throughout the Mackay and Bowen Basin region.

For Candidates

  • Feel valued with a personal, human contact and not a robot - Wray Dwyer is our HR Manager whose priority is to get you working and have you stay for longer, in stronger employment opportunities.

  • Become part of a close-knit and reliable team of subcontractors 

  • Registration is simple and easy - you can do this entirely online, or use our downloadable, print-friendly forms.

  • Receive priority placement in upcoming shutdowns and get personal notification of upcoming vacancies

Watch the Video: How Registration Works

For Companies

We aim to be the provider of choice for qualified, work-ready candidates. Our view to success means we focus on establishing long term relationships with our clients in sourcing the right people for the job. 


For your company needs;

  • Sourcing qualified candidates for your industry and needs

  • Trade database and client relationship building

  • Consistently providing quality candidates through screening and monitoring 

  • Exceptional customer service standards

  • Candidate placement into vacancies

Electric Grinder
Construction Site Pipes

Tacpro have an employment base of experienced, quality tradesmen ready to meet all aspects of your onsite requirements including: 

  • Project managers 

  • Mechanical and structural supervision 

  • Mechanical fitters 

  • Boilermakers 

  • Riggers 

  • Scaffolders 

  • Maintenance planners 

  • Trades assistants 

Get in touch with Wray today and let’s get you the right people. First time, every time.

About Wray

Our recruitment manager Wray Dwyer specialises in Business, Human Resources and Recruitment with over 20 years experience serving the mining, retail food production and trade industries.

Wray is passionate about his role and helping others find work, and stay employed, for the long term.

Give him a call today to talk recruitment!

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